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Cylindrical hull manufactured from steel plates, made of structural steel in compliance with the standard ASTM A283 Grade C, welded to two steel flanges, and comes with 02 manholes for workers entry (for ball mills).  After the welding is completed, the structure is heat-treated with the objective of relieving the residual stress of rolling and welding.

Head includes integral trunnion for rod mills. For ball mills, the principal trunnions are bolted and are interchangeable. Both castings of great thickness with very fine finishing.

Main self aligning bearings oil lubricated. Separated casted supporting plates are, babbitt bushings, and covers with special rubber seals in order to avoid oil leaks and prevent  dust particles contamination. 

Straight or helical gears and pinions are machined by generation with mechanical finish. Gears are castings of great wear resistance, supplied in 02 parts to facilitate installation. Pinions are made of rolled steel SAE 1040 supplied with guards. 

Counter-shaft made of SAE 1045 forged steel is mounted on 02 specially designed bearings assembled as a single unit, with auto aligning rollers and grease dust proof seals in a full box made of cast steel joined by keys and bolts.

Chute feeding system (spout feeder)

Manganese steel mill liners according to ASTM A 128 norm, resistant to impact and severe abrasion with bolts, washers and nuts.

Transmission between electric motor and the countershaft by gear reducer in oil bath, parallel axles according to AGMA specs joined by flexible couplings. For smaller scale mills, belt drive transmission is preferable. 

The metal base is designed for heavy-duty and is made of machined welded structural steel plates.

Raul Amanzo
Business Development

“For many years we have been providing support to one of the main mining companies located in the Northern region of Peru. Thanks to the capacity of our machining shop we were able to manufacture 03 grinding mills tailored to suit every single requirement of our client. 

We were able to provide an integral service, from the manufacturing to the mechanical installation of 03 consecutive mills. For our client, this was a great advantage as we were also readily available to provide quick and efficient support throughout the whole process. Currently, mill maintenance is being carried out following very strict health protocols according to COVID safety requirements. This has allowed us to maintain our service all throughout the COVID onset.  In current times we have adapted and created protocols including specialized team deployments in order to attend urgent field requirements”