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The mainframe is made up of cast steel that is welded together and reinforced in order to meet heavy work requirements.

They are heat-treated in order to eliminate the residual stress after welding.

The jaws are made of cast steel and are also heat-treated to improve mechanical properties.

The eccentric and pivot axis are made of high resistance steel.

Precisely manufactured in order to resist long working hours without stop.

Rotate on spherical roller bearings

Alignment and control of the crushers are carried out externally.

The larger-scale crushers are double toggled allowing them to handle larger loads. A leaf spring security system prevents un-crushable parts from entering, thus avoiding an overload that could eventually cause damage to the machine.

The mechanism is surrounded by an oil bath with a forced lubrication system that maintains the oil in optimal conditions.

The smaller scale crushers only have a single toggle. If it breaks down after an eventual overload they will act as a fuse preventing the machine from suffering damage.

They do not require a forced lubrication system because the shaft works in an oil bath over 04 bearings.