Request more information Plate width from 24" to 72".
Composed of iron manganese plates.
Wheels made from moulted iron, placed on an iron axis.

COMESA´s apron feeders are manufactured in order to resist the most severe work conditions, abrasion, and impact. Their design is excellent for transferring large size rocks. Made of manganese steel plates supported by a rolling system. This system receives the impact of the minerals as they fall and avoid the deflection of the apron feeder caused by the effect of its own weight and the material that is being transported.

COMESA has available apron feeder from 30” to 72”, along with standard and custom lengths (depending on customer requirements).


Frame made up of reinforced steel. It’s rigid enough in order to support the efforts of any operation. 

It contains fixed columns from the ground up or a support system that makes the feeder transportable or semi-transportable. 

Manganese cast steel plates, resistant to impact, wear, and abrasion. They are joined together, forming a chain so that it requires an additional drag chain. 

Supported by intermediary rollers made of cast steel and in a return set of rollers to hold the apron during the return path. 

Traction wheels made of cast steel are mounted in the steel shafts at both extremes of the feeder

Features a hydrostatic activation mechanism, with variable speeds, equipped with an electric motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, instrumentation, and accessories. It also features a speed reduction system with gears and pinions.

Includes guidance aprons, manufactured with steel plates and covered with plates resistant to abrasion.