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SAG vs Ball Mills

It's important to point out that in a SAG mill, the crushing load is composed of two components; the mineral rocks and the iron balls. Thus the mineral type affects SAG mills more than ball mills. Due to the heterogeneous nature of the foundations, the minerals don't possess a single...

Jaws for Jaw Crushers

The jaw plates are manufactured with manganese austenitic iron due to their excellent tenacity characteristics and their good performance in abrasive conditions. The high manganese content within the alloys help stabilize the austenite even though high carbon levels are present.  Also, the addition of other elements for the alloy (such...

Ball or bar mills- on what does it depend?

The right type of mills depends on the mineral that will be processed and the product you wish to obtain. This is why a mill must have high flexibility in terms of length, the crushing means, and speed. With a bar and ball mill system, we can design and...

White cast iron

In COMESA we manufacture different types of alloys including white cast iron. They are called this way due to the fact that a white surface appears when a fracture occurs. Within their microstructure no graphite can be found in comparison to grey cast iron where carbon resides in the...