We undertake mechanical assemblies and field maintenance with emphasis on mills, crushers (cone and jaw), flotation cells, etc. Our highly qualified technical team has vast and renowned experience working with different mining units in Peru, offering end to end solutions ranging from the manufacturing and replacement of components, integral alignment, wear liner control, among others.

Our services also include the evaluation and repair of equipment inside our workshop which is essential to secure their correct performance and achieve the desired customer satisfaction.


Proper maintenance of equipment is essential for them to function properly and avoid any interruption during production, resulting in wasting time and money. Equipment should be long-lasting, which is why our main attribute is reliability as we always aim to get the equipment to operate continuously and in optimal conditions.

Our maintenance team is led by experienced specialists, allowing them to perform and determine equipment intervention based on the nature of their tasks: corrective, preventive, and predictive. Our logistics and assembly capacity allows us to perform maintenance “on-site” or in our workshops in Lima, with the same professionalism and strictly complying with legal, sanitary, and customer provisions.

Installation of equipment

Our more than 60 years of experience as machinery manufacturers gives us extensive knowledge to carry out the installation of the equipment involved in the process of comminution of solid materials, such as ball mills, rod mills, jaw crushers, conical crushers, plate feeders, disc filters, SRL pumps, vacuum pumps, etc. and in general all kinds of machinery for the industry.

One of the key issues for a proper function is that the installation team should be the same during the entire project; furthermore,  if it comes under our brand –COMESA-  we are prepared to meet all requirements in terms of time and quality.

Technical assistance

We actively engage with our clients in order to analyze, detect and correct their different queries, doubts or problems surrounding the whole process. Our proposal is to accompany each client with technical support on-site or remotely, providing timely information and appropriate decision making; achieving reliability, and the continuous operation of the equipment.