"We are a strategic ally in the supply of spare parts"

In Comesa we offer a wide variety of replacements (ferrous and non-ferrous) for our equipment and from other manufacturers.

Our high-quality standards along with our capacity of processing pieces of great magnitude enables our production areas (foundry and machining shop) to offer spare parts that exceed our client’s expectations.

Product satisfaction is heralded by our customer’s continuous preference and long term relationships that make COMESA a strategic ally in the supply of spare parts.

Other parts:



Iron axles



Manufactured with special low alloy cast steel, single helical or straight teeth, precisely machined by generation with mechanical finish; supplied in two sectors to facilitate installation.

Copper-Tin alloys are resistant to corrosion and also cryogenic, so their behavior is not affected by lowering the temperature below 0 °C. Lead alloyed bronzes also have improved mechanical properties. The addition of phosphorus also improves mechanical properties.

Nickel bronzes have good mechanical properties and can be hot formed.