"Our wear parts unit"

Machinery parts are commonly exposed tovarious elements such asabrasion, impact or corrosion which are inherent to all industrial applications and that eventually decrease wear life.

A different root cause or origin to the wear problem will require apersonalized approach because there are no universal solutions for this particular issue.

Thanks to our vast experience developing wear solutions along with a detailed observation of the work conditions for each application,we are capable of offering solutions tailored to suit the requirements of each client.

Other products:

Hammer shredder

Blow bars

Security bridges

Mill liners can be manufactured in various materials and  designs. In each case, the material to be grinded is the one that determines the liner characteristics, the goal is to obtain the lowest possible cost per ton of processed mineral. The selection is made specifically for each grinding application and takes into account the wearing profile of the liner  as well as the capacity of the mill.

Jaws can be plain, dented or corrugated. They are made of manganese cast steel which is an impact and abrasion-resistant material.

We manufacture bowls and mantles for all brands and models.

High Chrome white cast wear parts resist severe abrasion conditions.