COMESA´s jaws are designed to last longer and crush more efficiently in order to obtain an homogenous product that decreases the need to classify and recirculate load. We manufacture jaw plates for all types of jaw crushers, in various designs and alloys, with the increased resistance required in order to guarantee a correct performance.

Mario Sanchez
Business Development

“We have provided continuous support to one of the largest mining groups in the southern region of Peru. They asked us to join them in a project that looked to reduce costs and increase crushing equipment efficiency.  Our client spotted a very rapid wearing of the jaws that were used in a 40 x 30 jaw crusher. Our team set out to identify the root cause and developed a solution that would not only increase the jaw plates’ lifespan but also maximize the economic returns for each ton processed. 

In COMESA, thanks to our specialized knowledge, we were able to develop a particular design with an improved trapezoidal profile that helped cover the specific requirement that our client was looking for, reducing the premature wearing generated by the abrasive characteristics of the mineral being processed. Finally, we were able to increase the performance by 5% in comparison to other companies that also tried to provide a solution”

Some important metrics measured were:

  • Increase overall tonnage processed per day.
  • Reduction in the overall processing cost per ton per each set (from USD 0.25 to 0.05).
  • Increased liner lifespan (performance vs cost per set)